The 1st Star Party
August 5-6, 1989 on Pragel Pass (Schwyz)

Peter Stüssi, the founder of our Star Party

Guestbook of the first Star Party (JPEG, 43kB)
   The idea to organize such a meeting was of course taken from the original American Star Parties.
By reading magazines like Sky & Telescope and Astronomy and my vacation in the USA - where I surely took part in a Star Party - I realized that the poor Swiss amateur astronomer scene needed something new! So I founded the first Star Party which took place on Pragel Pass in the canton Schwyz. Encouraged by the success - there were 10 participants after all! - I kept on following this idea.
One lear later at the second Star Party I decided to choose another observing site because this place was not very suitable. I asked Peter Kocher whether he would know a better site. He took part since the first Star Party and we became good friends. Peter suggested the cosy Chalet du Hohberg in the Fribourgese Alps.
This year it's the eighth Star Party. The number and the catchment area is still increasing.That makes me glad. The Star Party »project« was a success and got a personal enrichment for me.

Peter Stüssi, January '96