The amateur astronomer's meeting under alpine starry skies

Joachim Diefenbachs Dobsonian

The Star Party has been held since 1989 and the number of participants is increasing year to year. American Star Parties partly taken as a model, the basic idea and purpose of such a meeting is to give an oppurtunity for observing the stars and getting new experiences. You can get new valuable contacts to amateur astronomers in Switzerland or all around the whole world.

On a typical Star Party there is not any organized program. The center of the interest are the people, the telescopes and of course the stars. So a Star Party gets more funny and attractive the more people come and take their equipment with them - may there be bad or good weather. A participation always pays out!

This meeting is thought for observing together with other amateur astronomers and sharing information. Dealers are kindly invited to come and provide their telescopes for observing and testing.

See you soon!